Campaign Proposal - Connection 432 Dissertation

Campaign Pitch


The Hope 5 Daniel Foundation

" $Dollars for Daniel$”

Prepared by

Krista Reeff

Connection 432

06 3, 2011

Table of Contents

Professional Summary a few Introduction 4 Research six Objectives being unfaithful Programming Strategies and Methods 17 Evaluation 18 Realization 19


The following is a pitch for a community relations marketing campaign entitled " Dollars pertaining to Daniel” provided to The Desire 4 Daniel Foundation. The proposal is developed by students of Cal State University or college of Bakersfield, Communications 432, Case Studies in Public Associations class, through the Spring Quarter 2011. This proposed advertising campaign focuses on community market leaders, local community businesses, community mass media, and the community college in Santa Clarita. The plan proposal should be to capture the hearts with the community in Santa Clarita and to have the ability to: (1) be familiar with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and (2) to achieve the community to help out by all means financially. The following proposal is dependent on a three month timeline; yet , this time shape is not required. The plan proposal employs many different ways for bringing awareness to the community intended for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and as well as make the community participation to help the financial demands of the Desire 4 Daniel Foundation. The proposed plan evolved when the Sherry family members became economically strapped for the fight of their sons' disease. Using the limited research I actually started with I then built the choice to suggest a residential area relations advertising campaign. The public relations representative; Krista Reeff, is rolling out this pitch. The pitch is divided into the following groups: (1) Launch, (2) the written manifestation that was achieved to be able to determine important issues and stay motivated on the proposal campaign, (3) the campaign's objectives, (4) communication strategies and fundraisers to be executed to safeguard any targets for the proposed marketing campaign, and (5) evaluation in the campaign.




The practice of public relations generally focuses on initially identifying the relevant publics associated with an organization, in that case developing public-specific messages and activities to boost the interactions between the organization and its banal. For example , organization newsletters are often developed to get company employees who are one public of an organization. The news and information in employee news letters is relevant mostly to workers and is supposed not only to inform but as well to create great relationships between companies and their employees. Identity of, targeting of, and creating interaction with relevant and appropriate publics is known as a vital part of advertising for a company.

An important using the approaches and tactics of pr is the development and rendering of public relations campaigns. In the textbook, Advertising Cases, Hendrix identifies various kinds relations with various publics used to create a target for a marketing campaign. Some of these types include:

2. internal publics...