Buacc5934 Monetary Accounting Essay




The reporting of economic data simply by segments is normally considered to offer useful info for monetary statement users. You are required to talk about the requirements for disclosure of segment information under Aussie accounting criteria. In your discussion you should cover the following:

1 ) the advantages of segment revealing information

installment payments on your the down sides of necessitating the dotacion of segment information

a few. the requirements from the Australian accounting standard AASB8 ‘Operating Segments'.

Maximum one thousand words


Making use of the attached portion information intended for the Qantas Group (taken from the 2010 Annual Report) answer this:

1 . About what basis would Qantas have picked the working segments which is why information is provided in Note 2 (attached)

2 . Explain the quantitative thresholds used to identify which functioning segments will be reporting portions.

3. Features Qantas complied with the disclosure requirements of Accounting Regular AASB8 Functioning Segments

four. Analyse the information provided and explain how this information could possibly be useful for shareholders seeking to assess the financial performance of the Qantas Group.

Optimum 1000 terms

Marks 2+2+4+2+2+2 +4 sama dengan 20 marks

Attachment: Get from Qantas Group 2010 Annual Record (Note two: Underlying PBT and Operating Segments)

Examination Criteria

The criteria used to assess the submitted task will be: •Ability to work collegially in a group environment for distributed success. •Evidence of relevant exploration and proven understanding of analysis materials. At least students ought to consult the references listed under further resources in this time Description •The structure, coherence and common sense of fights and research presented....