Autobiography: Years as a child and Nina E. California king Essay

My Autobiography

My name is Nina E. King. I was given birth to on August 24, 1983 in Atl, Georgia to my wonderful parents Carolyn D and David T. I have 2 sisters Davina 31 and Jameika, 34 I am the most youthful. I have two wonderful, lively, outgoing and loving daughters Willie twelve and Miguel 6 months aged. They have taught me the real meaning of love, patience, and responsibility. It is good to say 3 nieces and some nephews that we adore. In 2003 We attended DeKalb Technical University where We successfully obtained my GED it was the best decision for my family. Right after I attained my GED I began working at Childcare Network where my own son Willie attended My spouse and i worked as a floater so I had the opportunity to work with babies to toddlers. In 2006 I attended the University of Phoenix wherever I majored in Lawbreaker Justice my own mother stated " Nina you love kids go to institution for Early on Childhood Education. ” I didn't pay attention I continued Criminal Justice then I recognized I was inside the wrong key working with children is wherever I should had been all along. In 2008 I started working with the location of Decatur Children and Youth services as an after school Counselor. My spouse and i learned quite a lot from working within the business through knowledge and different teaching my supervisors told me I should further my own education in neuro-scientific Early Childhood. While working together with the City of Decatur We came in exposure to children with different backgrounds, disabilities, behavioral issues. I was person for those kids to come to pertaining to comfort if they needed somebody the most. Their very own parents constantly gave me praise for being generally there for their children and not staying judgmental mainly because they might misbehave or since they miss how to efficiently communicate. My own long term objective is to be an advocate for special need children. Therefore I am pursing my CDA credentials. Today I am enrolled as a candidate within a CDA Plan. My goal is to generate the CDA credential to be prepared to end up being knowledgeable, caring,...