Effects of god of the Bands Trilogy upon Tourism in New Zealand Essay

Movie-Induced Travel and leisure

An deductive report how the Lord from the Rings trilogy has influenced tourism in New Zealand

Master Thesis conducted by Marleen Kraaijenzank Tourism, Aalborg University, Come july 1st 2009

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Master program in Travel 10th semester Aalborg School

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Marleen Kraaijenzank



In today's modern society, movies are a big area of the everyday life. Various movies happen to be big hits when they are introduced and some movies are awaited with great expectations. It was also the case for our creator of the Jewelry trilogy. The trilogy was incredibly well-liked and many went to the movies to view them. Not merely did the group like the videos, the movies were showered with awards and costs that not various movies have got achieved. Even though the movies had been set in a fictional scene and based upon a book, the views in the movies produced an need in myself to go to New Zealand to find the stunning mother nature that was portrayed on the bigscreen. Being a college student in the learn program in tourism at Aalborg University, my curiosity helped me wonder what movies can easily do intended for the tourism destination and this led to the concept of this thesis. It was somewhat hard to determine which topics to study as there are many controlled by look further more into; nevertheless , it was located that the ethnic meanings in form of the destination graphic and the authenticity level may be the most interesting. There are some other studies in movie-induced tourism, although this is a subject certainly not studied very much. This thesis takes a few of the subjects that have not recently been considered much in the previous exploration and therefore it had been found both to be interesting and challenging to find the benefits.

_______________________________ Marleen Kraaijenzank September 2009



This thesis' emphasis is destination image and authenticity. The reason is to look at how destination image is affected by movies and how the authenticity standard of the vacation spot is motivated when a video portrays a destination and creates a inspiration to go to the described destination. The particular focus in this thesis is a affection in the Lord in the Rings trilogy on Fresh Zealand. All three Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in New Zealand, creating a large event of the New Zealand character. Because the videos were extremely popular, it was discovered interesting to look into through which way the tourism industry in New Zealand had been affected by the movies. Another point that was reviewed was how New Zealand used the films in their campaign of the vacation spot and if this was a good or a poor thing. The analysis demonstrated that the usage of the Lord of the Rings films has been a extremely good thing for New Zealand. Because the destination picture that New Zealand discharges is so like image that is created on the bigscreen, the travelers that trips New Zealand with the Head of the family of the Rings movies as being a motivational aspect does not think mislead. New Zealand used the Lord from the Rings being a campaign in their brand 100% Pure Fresh Zealand, like they have utilized several other advertisments to keep the rand name alive. New Zealand can be considered a leading figure in destination logos because they may have managed to maintain your brand so popular. Through the examination it confirmed that the selected theories proven that the company is at a desired situation and provides a way to hold coming back to it. It was also found in the research that New Zealand's use of the internet like a distribution route is a very wise strategy. In the authenticity research of this thesis, it was identified that the genuineness levels of the vacation spot had not been ruined as one would have feared. Not does it appear that the vacationers feel deceive on the authenticity level for the reason that dominant traveler experience mode present in the destination understands that not almost all can be genuine when...

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