Anthropology: Characteristics of Kinship Essay


Topic one particular: Overview

| 1 . |The term for culturally described relationships among individuals who are typically thought of as having |kinship | | |family ties. | | | 2 . |The general term for socially recognized backlinks between ancestors and forefathers and descendants. |descent (or descent bond) | | 3. |The kind of kinship bond that links wife or husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, and |affinity (or marriage) bond | | |sister-in-law. | | | 4. |The formal kinship analysis term for people who are related by simply bonds of affinity. |affines (or affinal relatives) | | 5. |The sort of kinship bond that links people through socially recognized biological connections, such as mother, |consanguinity | | |father, grandparents, kids, grandchildren, future uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, and cousins. | | | 6. |The formal kinship analysis term for people who will be related by simply bonds of consanguinity. |consanguines (or consanguinal relatives) | | 7. |The term for a socially recognized website link between people, created while an expedient for dealing with |fictive kinship | | |special circumstances, such as the bond between a godmother and her godchild. В These bonds are based on | | | |friendship and also other personal associations rather than marital life or ancestry. | | | almost 8. |The sort of kin expression used when handling someone straight in contrast to if they are referring to them in|term of address | | |a conversation with someone else. | | | 9. |The kind of family member term used the moment referring to somebody in a discussion with somebody else. |term of reference | |10. |The kind of kinship bond that links parents to their followed children. |fictive kinship | |11. |A fictive kinship term used intended for godparents amongst Spanish audio speakers in Latina America. |comadre (co-mother) or compadre (co-father)

Subject 2: Ancestry Principles: Part I

|1. |The gender of a individual that is symbolized by a triangle in kinship diagrams. |male | |2. |The gender of a individual who is displayed by a square in kinship diagrams. |either male or female | |3. |In kinship blueprints, the term that is used to packaging the person who all kinship |ego | | |relationships are known. | | |4. |What an equates to sign (=) represents in kinship diagrams. |marriage connection between a husband fantastic wife | | your five. |What a vertical line represents in kinship diagrams. |bond of descent (e. g., parent-child bond) | | |...