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The Two Looks of a Land

The music " Tatsulok” by Bamboo sheets is about a system of problem and oppression brought about ­by the triangular of electricity we are today living in. Inside the Philippines, the consequence of this " triangle” could be vividly viewed throughout the region; murders, stolen funds, incorrect identities and poverty-stricken persons because of corruption. The tune gives a better sound about what the country is definitely crying to get and why the people with this country will be suffering and being penalized with injustice every day. Individuals are blinded with all the notion that racism is a enemy and color and birthplace is the center pertaining to injustice yet we are extremely mistaken because as long as there may be poverty to appear, and proper rights to be given only to the rich and powerful, nothing at all good should come to our nation and to the people. I actually am developing up in a country with representatives that are like wolves exactly where they stalk on the simplest prey in the blink of an eye, it would surprise me personally if one of them would take action out of pure charity, " becoming truly generous” is starting to be extinct, while using way our bodies is progressing. The true mother nature of this " triangle” is the fact it all favors to that is on top and respectively, all of it disfavors to who is in the bottom and because with this; we are continuously being drawn down by our own wrongdoings. A country that lives with two confronts, a face which does everything to ensure that the people, and a encounter that works in the dark to pull strings in self-favor. I have found how this triangle functions and I may personally say that as time passes, the gap between top and bottom can be starting to length further, that may mean merely one thing; the prosperity in the people and the economy is dependent upon the fight between the two faces of your nation that thrive in a triangle of power.