Essay on Teenage Motherhood


The powerful completion of this study will not have been conceivable without the assistance and co-operation of a number people. Therefore, I would like to thank the residence of Rae City Community in Central Kingston for their big support and valuable time spent on responding to the customer survey given. Associates of my family and friends have been a continuing source of confidence and determination. I give thanks to my parents pertaining to applying pressure on me personally to full this task and bygiving myself the economic assistance that was necessary.


There are many studies that investigate the causes and effects of Teenage Pregnant state. I have executed a research in which parents or guardian plus the people of my community can be mindful of the causes of Adolescent Pregnancy. The Rae city community is a small environment. I stay in this community for seventeen years right now; during these years I have seen that teenagers are getting pregnant at a early age and obtaining kick out of school. Thus i decide to just do a exploration on this certain topic. In this project you will learn more about teenage pregnancy and just how it impact the life of the residents inside the Rae Town community.

Statement of Problem

What are the causes of teenage pregnant state, and how it affects the teens if they become pregnant?

Cause of area of Analysis

The reason why We selected this type of topic because i realize that teenagers from this community most of them don't use contraception. There are many factors maybe they will aren't educate on love-making, or maybe they are really afraid, or even they are therefore self absorbed they don't believe they will conceive.

Approach to Investigation

To be able to collect info from the review, I have made a decision to use a printed questionnaire.

The questionnaire as a tool pertaining to collecting info has a range of advantages

2. It requires very little time to be finished.

* It can be done at the convenience of the people required to get it completed.

* It warranties confidentially seeing that respondents are not required affix their labels.

Procedures Use to Collect Data

In the Rae Town community there are roughly 50 home on the plan. A total of 25 forms were ready for sent out to the homeowners in the structure. However I possess decided to deliver the customer survey in the order of want I granted a copy to every other home. The twenty-five household which were selected, and they were provided with questionnaire. After that all customer survey issued out were gathered.

Data Collection Instrument

The survey of teenage being pregnant in the Rae town Community.

Dear individuals,

This is a survey being carried out in the Rae Town community to find out the causes of teenagers pregnant state and what action can be carried out to correct this challenge. In some circumstance the teenagers in this community go through a few hard time with the partner because in some conditions their partner didn't their through all their pregnancy by no means help just like providing travel to the prenatal clinic without wanted to own the child for some specific explanation so that they decide never to own the kid. This study is being conducted as an assignment pertaining to social studies course. This kind of present chasing.

You happen to be advise to reply to the following issue honestly and truthfully. Many thanks.

Your truly,



Answer this questions truthfully.

1 . To what age group do you are supposed to be?

16- twenty [ ] 21- 25 [ ]

26-30 [ ] 31-35 [ ]

36 and older [ ]

installment payments on your Who effect you to become pregnant?

Friends [ ]

Partner [ ]

Mother/father [ ]

3. What age will you get pregnant?

13-15 [ ]

16-19 [ ]

some. How most likely is it that you'll continue your education, after your baby is born? Very likely [ ]

Less likely [ ]

Unsure [ ]

5. How much time do you conceive?

1 times [ ]

twice [ ]

3 times [ ]

6th. What...