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Group Schoolwork Assignment

Assignment Brief

Working in a group of 4 to 6 (maximum of 6), write a report that sets out a company plan for a brand new retail organization in a price tag sector selling goods of your own choosing (but specifically wherever products are purchased from suppliers and then re-sold and taken away by the community as usual with a shop, we. e. with production and consumption certainly not undertaken inside the retailer's organization as in a services operation like a cafe, café, hairdresser, etc).

This should become for a single store situated in either Leicester or Loughborough. The concept must be original (i. e. not identical to an existing retailer or selling franchise in the united kingdom or elsewhere). It can be a totally original principle or a change to an existing strategy (for example Microsoft having their own store) but marks will be honored for creative imagination!

The focus of the report must be on the managing aspects of the organization (i. electronic. how it can operate). You need to choose a shop format to get retailing items to consumers and your report should determine how style, merchandising, product, pricing and also other marketing strategies, is going to contribute to the viability and competitive advantage of your selected business/format.

Job Format

•Contents Page

•Environmental Analysis

•Store Format and Design

•Product Strategy

•Pricing Strategy

•Location Strategy

•Promotion Strategy

•Branding Strategy

Assignment Requirements

•The assignment must be undertaken independently by the group of 4 to 6 students and must be the group's personal original operate. •The report (i. at the. including the primary text and any sortie – nevertheless excluding name page, set of contents, references/bibliography, tables and diagrams) should never exceed a few, 000 words and phrases. The word count must be stated at the start in the report. Take note that any report submitted which is found to have surpassed the word count will loose marks. Word counts...