A Trip to Zoo Composition

A Visit to the Zoo

Previous Sunday it had been cloudy. My spouse and i, along with my friends stopped at the zoo. As we come to the main door of the tierpark, we did find a huge crowd. Some were buying, access tickets, some were gossiping and speaking while others were relaxing beneath the shady woods. We moved into the zoological gardens and ca me across a lovely lake, where some water-birds, like geese, were going swimming. Seeing the white geese on the smooth surface of water is a charming view. As we shifted further, we came to the enclosure in which birds had been kept. They will ranged from sparrows, eagles and parrots to pigeons of varied colours. The birds had been chirping. It absolutely was enchanting music. We enjoyed it very much. In the next box were kept lions and leopards, tigers and tigresses, whose roars were deafening. As we approached the net, a lion rushed towards us and we had been terrified. Their particular fierce looks were frightening. After seeing this kind of, we found a garden having stags, very intelligent and beautiful. In one of the edges, monkeys had been jumping. Their very own tricks and pranks were very attractive. Some people plonked peanuts to them and they immediately dived down the woods to eat these people. Many kids were making faces by them. Our next halt was at an aquarium in which we were most interested. A large number of fishes were kept generally there. There were fish of many species and colors. To see these people fidgeting in water really was a delightful stage show. There were a great many other aquatic animals. Just by the side of this box we discovered polar holds, which seemed sad and deserted. The black bear's enclosure fascinated a big gathering. The bear was playing various tricks which usually thrilled the spectators. Some individuals offered him eatables which he gulped at once. The zoological leisure areas are so vast that it is very difficult to describe all the cages and enclosures completely. After taking a complete round of the tierpark, we comfortable for some time in a cool and beautiful back garden nearby. The fragrance with the flowers was tremendously...