A Comparison of the Works of Freydoon Rassouli, Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn, and Van gogh Essay

Art works can symbolize a visual vocabulary that can be browse. The work can be THEMATIC while the artist explores a particular topic or perhaps direction. Through the use of media, symptoms, symbols, and text, the artist could make an extremely personal affirmation that is refractive of the " self within" but still ready to accept the interpretation of the audience.

The language of Art is much like the body language on a individuals face, the storyline is demonstrated and emotion conveyed throughout the textures, colors and formula. The artists, Freydoon Rassouli, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and and Vincent Van Gogh to be used to examine this kind of principle.

The functions of these artists, are to them, a way of displaying the home within. They take their emotions, influences and through a picked topic in a thematic sense, splash that across a canvass with texture, coloring, symbols, indications, contrast, make use of shadow and the own personal techniques in order to demonstrate viewer how and what they are feeling. To get the artist, when their particular piece is usually gazed upon shows all of them a part of themselves, like a journal entree or looking into an image past or present. Though it is highly personal for the artist, the piece can still be looked at by outside audiences and for them they may see a part of the author and in many cases a part of themselves, as they search the colours and designs discovering diverse phases in the painting that they too can correspond with in themselves.

For the artist Freydoon Rassouli, delivered in 43 the feelings he provides come from a blissful years as a child in Serbia. He grew up in a home which has a strong view for fine art and poems and quickly learnt tips on how to transfer his subconscious in the swirling habits of his art. He can a contemporary specialist who is known for his creation of В‘fusionart', which is through his use of circular brushwork and contrasting colours this individual creates surprisingly emotional and inspiring bits. In his part, soul's trip he uses blues, produce, yellows, reds and oranges together and shadow to form an...

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