1984 and Similarities to the Soviet Union Essay


In the novel written by George Orwell, 1984, there are several similarities to the Soviet Union. One of the most important similarities is Adolph Hitler. One other very important point in 1984 is definitely Big Brother. Your government is very just like both of the leaders, Adolph Hitler and Stalin.

During Adolph Hitler's time, the federal government had total control over every thing. This could also be called totalitarianism, which was frowned on by 1984's author, George Orwell. Hitler had finish power above the daily life, craving for food, and even the " vaporization" mentioned in 1984. Your government, the allgewaltig leader in 1984, as well had finish and total jurisdiction within the lives of each character in the novel.

Stalin, the second head of the Soviet Union, was just as terrifying as a innovator as Adolph Hitler. Big Brother seems to be a mixture of Stalin and Hitler, both equally physically and characteristically. Bodily, all three guys looked alike. The major physical resemblance was their mustaches. They each a new heavy black mustache. Personality wise, they may have all been described as cruel and frightening.

In the book, George Orwell was very clear is usually presenting his feelings regarding totalitarianism towards the reader. He shows, throughout the characters of his new, that this individual believes that totalitarianism is a negative thing. George Orwell also helps it be very apparent that he does not ever want a persons race to get at the point which the characters of 1984 reached. He would not want visitors to be endlessly watched by way of a dictator, president, or innovator. George Orwell wanted visitors to be able to live their comes from privacy, while all people should certainly.

The publication, 1984, was written by George Orwell for just one main goal. That purpose was to notify everybody on the globe what could happen if totalitarianism was reached. He wished to explain to people what could eventually them if perhaps they did certainly not avoid a supreme head. Although George Orwell probably knew that he would by no means live to...