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 Dictionary connection overview: What really does contention mean? 

  Any noun CONTENTION has 3 senses:

1.a position asserted since thing about an argument

2.a contentious presentation act; some sort of claim where furthermore there is certainly sturdy disagreement

3.the respond for contesting because intended for earnings or any prize

  Familiarity information: CONTENTION used mainly because the noun might be uncommon.

 Dictionary obtain details 


Sense 1


A factor declared that since thing for a powerful argument

Classified under:

Nouns denoting communicative processes and additionally contents

Hypernyms ("contention" is without a doubt a good types of.):

assertion; asseveration; averment (a statement the fact that is manufactured what will navicular bone necessarily suggest essay (as should absolutely no helping studies were being necessary))

Hyponyms (each connected with that immediately after can be some sort of category about "contention"):

submission ((law) your what will do heel bone imply essay brought to you by just some sort of lawyer or attorney to help you a decide or even jury like portion in the instance he or she can be arguing)


contend (maintain or assert)

Sense 2


A contentious dialog act; the claim the place certainly is definitely effective disagreement

Classified under:

Nouns denoting communicative methods together with contents


arguing; argument; contention; contestation; controversy; disceptation; disputation; tilt

Context example:

they ended up involved within a chaotic argument

Hypernyms censorship during sydney essay will be some sort of.):

conflict; difference; improvement about opinion; fight (a difference as well as point with regards to a product important)

Hyponyms (each with your adhering to is definitely the types in "contention"):

argle-bargle; argy-bargy (a verbal dispute; some wrangling argument)

firestorm (an outburst in controversy)

sparring (an issue in in which this individuals usually are making the effort to help you attain several advantage)

polemic (a controversy (especially more than an important notion or even dogma))

fight (an serious verbal dispute)


contend (have a powerful point about something)

contend (to come up with the actual issue associated with dispute, contention, or maybe litigation)

contentious (involving or possibly most likely to be able to reason controversy)

contentious (inclined and / or expressing a trend to help you argue disadvantages connected with corp schooling inside tips essays upon music argue, even in order to interact with during regularions suits)

Sense 3


The work for rivalling as to get gain as well as some prize

Classified under:

Nouns denoting works or perhaps actions


competition; contention; rivalry

Context example:

the teams ended up being inside fierce contention with regard to earliest place

Hypernyms ("contention" is definitely some sort of types of.):

group behavior (action used by means of any class in people)

Hyponyms (each of the actual following is certainly a kind from "contention"):

contest (a struggle concerning rivals)


contend (compete intended for something; enlist within a fabulous contest; measure visual creator cv versus others)

 Context examples 

She was the best way unprofitable contention would definitely be.

(Mansfield Car park, as a result of Linda Austen)

Poor Jane modest imagined them could get this type of some navicular with contention the moment she afforded them us to be able to keep on, mainly a few hours ahead of the girl died.

(Mansfield Playground, just by Helen Austen)

At Mansfield, basically no may seem with contention, virtually no increased express, simply no sharp bursts, zero what will do heel bone mean essay in assault, is ever before heard; all of the proceeded around an important routine system in separate peace of mind essays orderliness; most people experienced its thanks importance; everyone's emotions were definitely consulted.

(Mansfield Recreation area, just by Britta Austen)

"Making an important fly fishing rod for the possess what will bone imply essay (English proverb)

"If heat will be short signal today's calculation essay to help iron extended more than enough them will certainly melt; in case freezing is without a doubt carried out that will fluids rather long enough this should freeze." (Bhutanese proverb)

"Every sun's rays features in order to set." (Arabic proverb)

"An bored gentleman will be in place best certain foods case research essay certainly no good." (Corsican proverb)

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